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Super Slim Diet Pills

It is 3 weeks and I have lost 7 pounds, I am so glad when I can see some difference, it controlled my terrible cravings for sweets, which once was the biggest trouble, I strongly ...

- Jennifer Cooper

30 Boxes Super Slim

30 Boxes Super Slim
30 Boxes Super Slim

Price:   $328.90

100% Natural Slimming Products On Sale!
Burn and Consume Fat Continuously!
Control Appetite and Stop Calorie Intake!
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Super Slim Pomegranate consists of kinds of herbal blends, which good at reducing weight without side effects, take one pill Super Slim Pomegranate every day, reduce up to 1500 calories intake directly

Super Slim Pomegranate brings you satiety, you can control your stomach easier and only 1/3 food will be taken than before, so you can still reduce weight without exercise, though the calories intake is lower and lower every day, the active ingredients in Super Slim will burn and consume fat continuously, thus the slimming effect will be times than usual

Main Ingredient:
Pomegranate, Koncing Nut, Apple, Kiwi, Glucomannan (extract of Amorphallus Konjac and Jerusalem Artichoke), Sweet Potato Cellulose, and HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA, extract of Garcinia Cmabogia)

Specification: 350mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Dosage&Usage: 1 time/day, 1 capsule/time (before breakfast with 350~500cc water), 3 box continuously, then stop gradually in 1-2months after reaching the proper weight, take 1 capsule each 2 or 3 days to keep the effect constant.
Precaution: Not suitable for the morbidly obese, children, pregnant, diabetics, and people with heart conditions and taking other medicines
Executive producer: Guangzhou YongFang Heath Care Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

by Lizbeth Cooper
I looked at SEVERAL other reviews before purchasing this product. They all good reviews, and I also checked some from other pages , most of them are positive, so I ordered some from here, some of my friends are takng this too, I have compared mine with theirs, they are the same !!!, im so happy.

by Rachel BRITO
After i purchased the Super Slim , I haven\'t tried it long enough to say my pants are falling off but Definitely, i can see that it does curb your appetite. Looking forward to more products by this company !!!

by cindy Hogan
I own a store sell all kinds of stuff from Asia, and I know this product is hot online. So I want to do business with you guys. I have do a lot of researches. And I know this is better than others. And I order small quantity, if I satisfied with is, I ll order more next time.

by William gutierrez
I ate healthy prior to Super Slim, but ate too much food. The supplement curbs your appetite, I find that I am not eating as much! The product arrived very fast, faster than indicated when I ordered it. I’m a satisfying customer.

by Tan oates
I heard about this product a l long time ago. But I didn’t try it , but now I want give it a try as there were no adverse side effects, and no starvation. After 2 weeks I began to notice my belly fat had diminished, I could actually see my abdominal muscles again! This product is helpful and encouraging.

by Marena sanchez
I can wear clothing that did not fit prior to using these. There are zero side effects and I love this product. will continue to order more. 5 Stars!